Home At Last!

Hunter and I went to Colorado for a week to visit with family and friends. While there, I went to a wedding reception {Congrats Megan & Kaven!}, spent time with the Ormistons, went to the Pueblo Zoo with Michelle, David, Olivia, Rachel L., Becca, Dave, and Grandpa Larry, visited with all Hunter's Great-Grandparents, and spent time on the 'farm'! Here are just a few pictures of our journey:

Posing for a picture is Hunter, Kevin, & Makayla:Damon, Aiden, & Hunter: At the zoo we saw some Zebras:
And posed with Friends - Hunter, Rachel, Becca, Olivia & Dolphin!:Hunter pulled while Dave pushed the girls through the zoo!:They all struck a pose on a camel too {Dave included}:Checked out the King of the Zoo:And a turtle with a NEED to use the facilities!:There were even some love birds sitting by the water:And some BEAUTIFUL displays of attraction {actually, they were chasing the bunnies and hissing, so it was more of a showing your battle colors!}:And then there were those who were too proud to show their colors:During some one on one time with Grandpa Larry, the animal ended up caged:
Hunter also spent some time playing with the monkeys on this trip. Here he is pulling the rope, helping the monkey swing!:
And for our last stop in Colorado, we watched some workers begin building Hunter's Great Grandpa Bob and Great Grandma Arlene's new garage:
And now we are safe and sound at home, recuperating! Thank you for those who housed us, feed us, put up with us, and entertained us!

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Stamp and Smile said...

I bet you will be scrapbooking soon with all these LOVELY photos of Hunter, family and friends!! The Zoo looks like so much fun... TFS!! Michelle

Have a super Memorial Weekend!! :)