Do U Have Your Ducks N a Row?

Hunter was playing with some of his rubber duckies the other night, trying to keep himself entertained so he wouldn't have to go to bed! It was really cute, he put them all in a row, one following the other and then had to come find "mom" to come take a picture. He pointed at the camera and started saying "Cheese." Or at least I think it was "cheese" but he also says "Please" very similar, so who knows! So I went to his room, and this is what was on his trampoline.
What a ham!
After snapping a few photos, Hunter started to say "eye, eye" and covering his eyes. I think the flash was a bit much for him! After about 5 pictures, he decided he was done taking pictures and he started to make a break for it:
After a little while longer, he again came and found his mom {like I wasn't sitting in the next room watching him through the door way, but was lost}. I grabbed the camera and followed him back to the trampoline where he had his ducks lined up again, for me to photograph:Hunter only took maybe one "good" picture with his ducks facing the camera because of the flash. He kept covering his "eye" to stop the flash from hurting them! Poor baby!
I do have to say, it was HIS idea to take the pictures!

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Stamp and Smile said...

You are right... such a "HAM"!! Love it... SMILES! :)