A Little Craftiness

The Young Men in my ward are supposed to be in charge of the Mother's Day Sunday in terms that they are supposed to figure out what to give the mothers at the end of sacrament. Last year they gave out roses, but they were very sad roses and didn't last long enough to make it home to put in water. In my old ward, they always gave away a small flower plant (something the mothers could kill themselves!).The young men, being sneaky as they are! decided that the Young Women made some great cards (I make all the cards that have been given out by the YW so far!) and so they decided they were going to have a mutual night and have the Young Women assist with card making...

Well, like I said SNEAKY... the young men have pretty much pulled out and now the YW are supposed to take care of making like 30 cards. Not that big of deal, but still Sneaky! This mutual, the YW are in charge and our Pres. thought it would be good to have the nursery toys and such scrubbed down (My good friend Lacee, and YW Pres. ~ blog found at right ~ is a bit of a germ freak! and wanted to make sure those toys that are continually put into short peoples dirty hands and mouths were cleans, at least for one day!), but I am thinking that might have to wait until our next mutual and we just might have to bring the YM back into the card making process! I'll see what the Pres. says!

Here are the cards I was playing with trying to figure out a simple way to make 30 cards with the Youth.
I'm thinking I like the above card more. And I have some SU stamps that also say "it's your day" and one that is a flower. I think we could use the 3 different stamps to make up the squares and that way the Youth wouldn't just be trying to have 10 people stamping with the same stamp!
I wasn't too fond of this card. It just didn't have what I was looking for and I couldn't think what to add to it to make it great... Something worthy of Mother's Day.


Okay, so this wasn't my idea, it is more like my next creation! I got the idea from this website: http://www.thehybridchick.com Who actually got the idea from this website: http://www.kerinstamps.com/. Both of these websites have some really really cute ideas. Kerin Stamps is a SU demonstrator so her site has a lot of inspiration for those who just use SU products.

The top of the box is the TOP NOTE DIE CUT shape that is made by SU, but I don't have that die so on the Hybrid Chick website, there is another link to another site that has the template that can be cut out by hand... After making these boxes, I think if the die cut will work on the machine I have, I will purchase it to make everything go a LOT faster! Here is the link to the TOP NOTE TEMPLATE.

And here are my boxes: This first box I still had some Easter candy left over from my YW PP exercise, so I used them to put into the box.And then I made another box, but I didn't have any candy left over so I didn't make any corresponding candy labels for it. These were very simple to make, and would be even more simple if I could get the SU die cut for the top of the box because I had to cut Designed Paper of the template, then glued it to some thicker card stock or cereal box board and cut that to fit the template, then put that on another designed paper and cut that too. I did that for both the top and bottom of the box and it just took a little work. I didn't want to cut through all of the papers at once because it was a little thick for my ugly scissors and I didn't want to mess it all up!


Supercool Hotmama said...

Really cute boxes! I like the cards too! Certainly something the youth could handle. You could probably make tons in an assembly line, really fast! (I'm in YW too, but there's no way I'm volunteering to do Mother's Day for the men. We usually get a carnation.)

sandi said...

Very cute ideas! Your really should take your gift for creation and turn it into some side business. BTW, I am using some of your ideas for some ideas for me. I hope you don't mind?? And I am assuming that if you did mind you wouldn't post them for us all to see? Thanks for being so creative so that people like me can pretend to be creative by copying other people's great ideas!!

And one last thing, I agree with Lacee...... THE Toys need to be cleaned!! I am also quite the germ freak!!

Bogner's said...

I SO DIDN"T VOLUNTEER! I was volunteered by who ever because the "YW" make really great cards! But it is okay because I'm going to get it all ready and then make the youth put them all together!

Sandi: I don't mind... some of the cards I have in my box right now are ones that I copied from someone else. Since you do have SU products, you could go to this website and get info about a specific stamp set to use as a guideline...http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/su