Bull Hi Train Conductor?

Yesterday, Hunter was playing in the living room while I was working on getting some stuff done for the Mother's Day gift for church (we decided to make the boxes instead of the cards, see previous posts for more info), and about 5 minutes of no interruption, I went to check on Hunter. This is what I found: Hunter had set up some tubs behind his dump truck to make a train. He was the caboose!
The tubs Hunter is setting in are his drawers for his books... and because the books had to go somewhere when he decided to use them as a train...Now, because he already has the idea in his head to make a train, and I had already picked up his books about a million times, this is what I found this morning! Doesn't he look like an angel? So innocent?!!! NOT!

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Carpenters' said...

Hey! Not every little kid has that big of an imagination!He is innocent MOM! He's the Greatest! ~ :) love,Grandma!