The OLD Pringle Morse School

The Pringle-Morse School is no more... The school was closed in 1977 and was purchased by a local farm. He had an entry way cut into the back side of the gym to allow for his operation to use the space to store grain carts and the like. Unfortunately, this allowed trespassers easy access to the space and they caught the building on fire last Monday Night/ Tuesday Morning, at about 2:00 a.m. That is when my Husband got the call to come move his farming equipment off of the next lot to make sure it stayed out of harms way.
This picture is of the back side of the gym where the entry was opened up.This is also the back of the gym. This picture allows you to see where the risers used to be!

This is the monument that sits outside the building. Because of tall grass and weeds, I didn't even know this was in the front of the building until AFTER the fire cleared away all obstacles!
This is the view from the front doors. The stairs lead up to the risers that USED to be there! The door straight ahead went straight onto the court and into the lower bleachers. I believe the door on the left leads to the showers, maybe? but I wouldn't go past the front door to look ;)
This is the full view of the school building... or at least a full view of the gym's front. All the top glass is now gone from the fire as well as the gym doors. This was an awesome building to see, and now it is just like the rest of the abandoned structures in this area... bummer.