My Lil Sickie!

Hunter spent most of yesterday drinking on his sippy cup and ignoring anyone with food. He even ignored his Great Great Uncle Vern (who is staying with us for a little vacation) who had a chocolate ice cream bar... which is something that Hunter usually doesn't refuse!
Just before bedtime, Hunter started to cry and pushing on his stomach. I tried to get Chris to come help me see what was wrong with Hunter, but before Chris could walk from one room to the next, Hunter got that ugly look on his face - the one that says "watch your shoes." So I grabbed the closest thing to me that would help in this situation, which was an empty box. I put it under Hunter's chin, but as he started to up-chuck, he pushed the box out of his way and made a bit of a mess out of Chris's leather recliner! EWWW! And because Chris is one of those "sissy" men, I had to take the kid to the tub, clean him up, get him situated, and then go and clean up the chair, and then start the washer to get Hunter's clothing and "BLANKEY" from smelling revolting... Oh the joys of being "mommy!"
The picture above is Hunter waiting for a new diaper after the 'incident.' He was so ickie that he didn't even bother removing the town off his head when he got into his chair... Poor little man.

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