Thanksgiving is OVER!

For Thanksgiving (we had our celebration on Friday when everyone could attend), Chris's Mom and Dad came to eat. Chris and I also invited "Uncle" Chuck and Gene. My Aunt Pat also joined us on her way to the south of Texas. Rhonda and I worked hard at getting everything ready for dinner on Friday Night while Aunt Pat enterained Hunter and the guys went hunting and it all turned out very well. I did not get a picture of it all, but we did have a nice time and ate a LOT!
On Saturday morning, Chris and Andy went deer hunting and Chris filled one of his 5 tags. While the men cleaned the buck, Rhonda, Hunter & I went shopping! On our outing, we went to Home Depot, Joann's, Lowe's, Hobby Lobby, & Sam's Club. When we got back to the house, instead of eating left overs - which Chris hates to do - he made everyone stakes! They were REALLY REALLY GOOD!
On Friday morning (4:30 a.m.) I went to JC Penny's and had them order Chris 5 pairs of pants for a really low price since they were on the Black Friday sales flier. They NEVER carry Chris's pant size in Arizona's Relaxed fit. He wears a 34x36 and it just seems they don't ever have ANY in stock so they always have to order them for me. After JCP I went to Wal Mart! Talk about CrAzY! There were people who were lined up from the doors, all the way to the end of the building and then a little more! I didn't have to wait in line to get in because I went in on the other side from where the line was! I didn't get a basket though, which really stunk! I got almost everything that I wanted, minus some pj's that were supposed to be $4, but my Wal Mart didn't get any in :(
I did get what I wanted for the last few people on my list for Christmas and got Chris and me a new Sheet set that was 500 Thread Count for only $20!! I also got a new comforter set for my spare bedroom so it doesn't have to have my old torn comforter and miss matched pillow cases! The only thing is it came with a bed sham and the bed sits on the box springs right on the floor so I didn't bother to put the sham on!
When I checked out, the lady behind me said that she had been waiting at Wal Mart since 3 a.m.!! I thought that was SO funny because how quickly I got into the store and the fact that if I had been their for electronics and such, I could have got them because of how many people were not in the line at the electronic department when I went past, and I didn't get there until just after 5 a.m.!!! - and Chris called me nuts!
Later, Chris and I went back to Wal Mart once we figured things had slowed down, and he bought Hunter and I a new 26" LCD TV for our "family room" because the TV that was in there had an issue with the color and then another issue with it's sound. It is a nice TV. So I must take this opportunity to say:
Thanks Honey!
Was anyone else who reads my little blog out on Friday Morning for the Black Friday Sales?

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Carpenters' said...

Not this year!!! I sent your poor aunt and cousin out with my list tho!!