Just Another Saturday

Where to begin.

The Bogner Family Just arrived home from yet another trip to Colorado on Thursday! We headed out last Saturday Evening because there was moisture moving in from California that had been a hurricane! That moisture was destined to meet up with a cold front moving south from Colorado, and so, while we were away we got over 4 inches of rain. North of the farm there was about 5 inches, and some of the locals in town said they only got 3 inches, but I am sure it was more than that since there was still water sitting when we got home 5 days later! The tail water pit at the Adobe Walls farm is completely full and Chris said that he had never seen it full, even when it rained for a week straight shortly after we moved to the panhandle.

Colorado was a good trip. Just before we left, on Friday Night, Hunter decided to stop having diarrhea, and throw up instead. He acted fine on Saturday, so that morning I went to a StampinUp party (which was lots and lots of fun), and then left Hunter out at the farm to build fence with James (a hired hand for harvest), Chuck (Chris's always hired man), my dad, and Chris. By the time it was over, all of them where covered in mud and soaking wet (it had already started to rain by the time the fence started to go up). By the time I got back to the farm, Hunter has been stripped of his clothing and was hanging out in the backseat of Chris's new farm truck... a 2008 Silverado! Hunter was glad to see I had brought him some warm jam-ies with feet in them so he could get warm, though he still wanted to be out in the rain! He loves the rain.

So while on the trip, Hunter did really good, though he would get the runs almost everyday. Poor baby. We were able to see all the Hunter's grandparents (not hard since they live a mile apart), and all the Great-grandparents except for my Grandpa LaVern.

When we got home, Hunter's bum still hadn't fixed itself - I thought he could have been because of teeth or something like that so wasn't too worried until it had been a week - so I called the Dr.'s office. The nurse told me to take him off of milk for a day or so and see if that helps. Hunter was really NOT happy about that decision. I took him off milk on Friday morning. On Saturday, Chris, Hunter, and I went to the neighboring town to go get a bolt that cost over $125, go to WalMart for some C batteries for Hunter's new to him Vtech game, to the pharmacy to get my prescription, and to the barber shop so Chris wouldn't look so scruffy! As soon as we got the the barber shop, Chris got out of the truck, and Hunter threw up EVERYWHERE!!! Yeah. So now he can't have juice either. He is on the BRAT diet. Banana, Rice, Apple Sauce, and Toast. Hunter is a bit of a picky eater anymore and so today he ate a banana, ginger ale mixed with water, a sippy cup with rice cereal mixed with water since he won't eat it any other way, and then he acted better so I let him eat our dinner of stir fry ~which has rice in it!


I've picked up a bad habit I would like to confess! I have started branching out from my scrapbooking and have started making greeting cards! I have made quite a few. I went to a StampinUp party about 6 months ago and bought some stamps. I decided that I hadn't been using them enough so I decided to make a few birthday cards. Then I went to the new StampinUp party and purchased a few more stamps as well as made a few cards at the party. I wanted to show my cards off to my mom so I took them to Colorado with me and while there I showed them to Chris's Grandma Bogner since she always sends out birthday cards and I figured I could give some of them to her. When she looked at the cards she said, "I'd take about 1/2 a dozen of this one. " and then that one and this one and this one! So I have been busy trying to get them done since I got home. I have all but one set done, because I am waiting for my newly ordered stamps to arrive because one set is sayings like "thank you" and "wish big" and I thought one of them would look good on the last card. That is all I need to add to the last card and they too will be done! But since I need a picture to post with all these words, here are a few of the cards I have been making!:

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