2 N 1 Day, what R U thinking?

So, my dad just arrived a couple of hours ago, and I already had him put to work! I have a horrible time cutting the grass, so he got out there in my mile long lawn and tamed the savage land!

Of course he had help, Hunter got right out there and started to help Grandpa as soon as he went to get the mower out of the shed! Before he could really help I had to put pants on his half nakedness and make sure he had his protective eye gear to protect his little self since he is so close to the lawn flying out from under the mower.

He did really good at keeping his sun glasses on. He would stop mowing for one reason or another and would bring me his sun glasses, but as soon as he was ready, he would put his hands over his eyes like "peek-a-boo" so I would know he needed his safety eye gear! It was really cute.

Hunter was really excited to help Grandpa, at least until he hit his head on one of the bars or Grandpa stepped on him, then he was all too eager to come see his mommy for a little comfort. But once he decided he was okay, he was right back out there, helping Grandpa SLOWLY mow the lawn!

I hope this makes Grandma Bogner a little happy for now. It's almost farming! And I promise just as soon as we get out to the farm and start doing something, anything, I will get those pictures of a little farmer!

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Meadowlark's Mind said...

great clip, looks like a great Grandpa