New Arrival to the Bogner Family

So, on Monday morning, our 7 year old puppy had her 1st litter of puppies. She had 9 pups, 7 are chocolate labs 2 are black labs. The first picture is of Sage, just a few days before she burst!The next picture is of the happy mommy with all of her little ones. It took her from about 7 in the morning until near 3:30 p.m. to have all 9 of the little monsters, and number nine is a black little girl! The black babies have already been claimed, so they will not be up for adoption any longer since the little girl is going to Chuck, and the little black boy is going to be Hunter's dog! The last picture is of all 9 babies, in a Dog Pile!

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LaRene said...

You could let the daddy have the chocolate ones. I'm sure his owners will be quite pleased with their littleRomeo!