What a shinner!

It is hard to see here, but Hunter gave himself a bit of a black eye the other day when he had a bad run in with a wall fixture! It didn't phase him too much cause he almost did it again in his pursuit of something he wasn't supposed to have out of the bathroom! Below is another view of the eye. It looks like he has eye shadow on!

Hunter and I went to the dollar store and purchased a had shovel and bucket and a rake with a shovel. It took some persuasion to get him to try to use it in the dirt. I ended up having to put dirt into the bucket and then Hunter would try to stir it with his hand shovel. Poor little boy doesn't even know how to play in the dirt, he is so sheltered! He has no idea that his dad has big plans for him to play in the dirt!

When Grandpa Larry was still here, we all took burritos out to the guys at the farm and they were wrapped in tin foil; when Chris was done eating, he gave Hunter his tin foil smashed into a ball, so Hunter put it in his mouth. He is so silly!

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