Wackie Kid

We have had some fun filled play time in the past few days. We broke out the building blocks that Hunter got for his birthday from Uncle Caleb and learned how to build one block on top of the next. Hunter did really good with this task and built a tower about 4 blocks tall!

Hunter's personality was showing through here. I was telling him his shoes stink and smelled one for him. He took the shoe from me and began to smell it and pulling it away from his face to tell me how bad it smelled! It is funny to watch him in action. Just look at that face, doesn't it look like his shoe was really icky smelling!

After all the fun smelling his shoes, Hunter went to his bed room and decided to open up his baby wipes and empty the ENTIRE package onto the floor before mommy found him! He did help me pick them up afterwards, but it wasn't as much fun as putting them on the floor while mommy wasn't looking!


Luke and Lacee said...

Hunter knows how to have a good time! ~Lacee

sandi said...

Raegen has also emptied the whole wipe container before! The joys of children and motherhood.

Bogner's said...

Yes, the joys of children and motherhood! That was just one of his adventures that day.