Today Hunter had an appointment to have his 12 month shots. Yuck! He did really good, except since he had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago, the nurse tried to look in his ears and that is one thing Hunter is totally against. So he started screaming before they even started the shots. So there I am, trying to de-pants the little screamer, and he is trying to hold on to me for dear life.

Hunter sporting his bandaids
I finally get his pants down to his feet, get him turned around facing away from me, and hold his arms when 2 nurses attack him with needles and give him his shots. And then the nurses left me to fend for myself trying to get Hunter' pants back up without hitting his shots, and dealing with him still screaming. I finally get us all together and get out of the office and as soon as I open the door to the truck and put Hunter inside, he stops crying and smirks at me. He even gave me a kiss. Oh, my poor baby!

It make me feel so bad, and then he forgets about the whole thing within 5 minutes. And then the nurses told me that I have to take him back at 15 months - which is in 2 months :(

So NOT excited!

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sandi said...

shots are no fun at any age!!!